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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Style Icon: Diana Ross Mahogany Natural Hairstyle

Have I ever mentioned how much I loved Diana Ross' style back in the day?

Check out this tutorial of a style inspired by Ms Ross:

I think I watch Mahogany every time it comes on TV. I have always liked Ms. Ross because she made me feel good about being as big as a twig. She OWNED her size and flaunted it! Her style, her big hair, her music, and the movies...I just love it all!!

Now I have to try this style :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

NPHW starts today!

National Public Health Week 2014
Follow @NPHW on Twitter and ‘like’ APHA’s Facebook page.

Sunday Style | "I hear the chains falling"

This week's (last week really) hair was easy because it only required me to un-twist my previous style. Some un-twisting, a few bobby pins, and the style was done.

2-n-1 styles are great time savers and easy to do. The next time you are styling your hair take a minute and determine if the way your hair is set can also be worn as a style. One styling session could possibly equal close to 2 weeks of styled hair.

To make those 2-n-1 styles last:
• Keep the hair moisturized
• Covered at night
• Very little manipulation


I made the dress wore on this Sunday; visit and follow me on Instagram to check it out: @tiashauntee

Friday, March 28, 2014

No Makeup "Day"

I know it does not show but I do like makeup...I just do not know how to apply it well. Yes, I have watched YouTube tutorials but they just don't work for me. So I like to play it safe. When I received these tips via email from Fitness Magazine, I knew that they were perfect tips for someone like me. Check out the tips for us brown girls:
Strike It Rich
If you have dark skin with orange undertones, your go-to colors are chocolate brown and brick red. Layer a shimmery rust shadow over a chocolate shade to define your eyes. Brick blush and lipstick will play up your warm complexion. For a modern twist, top your lips with clear gloss.
Your Color Palette: Dark Skin
Eyes: Sonia Kashuk Pearlescence Longwear Creme Shadow in Quartz ($9, Target stores), Nars Matte Eyeshadow in Bengali ($24, narscosmetics.com)
Cheeks: Iman Cosmetics Luxury Blushing Powder in Peace ($11, walgreens.com)
Lips: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Decadent ($30, esteelauder.com)
Nails: Priti NYC Polish in Sweet Sultan ($15, pritinyc.com)
Visit Fitness Magazine to see the tips for other skin tones: Nude & Improved: The Perfect Neutral Makeup

If you use any of the products above, what do you think of them? 
Submit a Guest Blogger post with your product review

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday Style | "I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger..."

I had a busy week and a busy week called for no fuss hair. Protective style!!

Originally this look was supposed to be pinned up and have one large french braid in the back. I opted to do twists in the front because I knew that they would last longer than a loose pin-up. As for the back...well, I really did want just one french braid but my hair said NO. The thickness of my hair was too much for a single french braid. Doing three mid-sized cornrows was a lot easier.

To get the look:

1. Start with clean detangled hair
2. Separate the hair into two main sections (front & back)
3. Two strand twist (or single braid) the front section
4. Divide the back section into three even sections and then cornrow (or flat twist) upwards starting at the neck and going towards the crown
4. Pin into place as you like and keep the hair moisturized throughout the week.

Sunday's Message
Transformed Conformist
Romans 12:1-2
We have to stand out. We have to be non-conformist. Embracing what God has for you is the best thing you can do for him.
1. Christians ought to be non-conformists in the world.
Jesus was a non-conformist. Stand still and know that God is still God. Take care of the burdened.
2. Christians are called to be non-conformist in the church.
There are Christians more concerned about material things than the people in the church. Sometimes it's difficult to tell if something is really for the church or for the world.
3. Christians are called to undergo a transformation.
To be transformed means to be remodeled; non-conforming just for the sake of disagreeing is not good. By opening our lives to Christ we become new creatures.
How to go about Transformation: Exposure, Repetition, Application

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