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Monday, July 21, 2014

L. O. C. Method Product Grid

For those still unsure about which products to use when sealing your hair. Check out this informative chart I came across on Pinterest.

My personal combination is water, coconut oil, and a cream. That glycerine, castor oil, and shea sounds nice...


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Protective Styling with Braids

Since being on maternity leave and not wanting to worry about my hair on a daily basis I have returned to my trusty protective style of braids. Let me make this clear now - I protective style with braids by only braiding my hair. I do not add any weave at all. Six months later...I'm still braided up 4-5 days a week. The only exception has been the 1 month I took a break from braids and wore twists instead,

I have found that I get the best protection when I follow the regimen below:

Clean hair
I never braid my hair for long periods of time if it has not been washed first. Braiding dirty hair just makes my hair dirtier and causes my scalp to itch.

Condition, Condition
After washing my hair I like deep condition to prepare for a lengthy protective style. After deep conditioning I apply a leave-in conditioner and not just any leave-in → KT Leave-in or Giovanni Direct Leave-in

Detangle Well
Not to insult anyone's intelligence but braiding hair that is not detangled well make no sense at all. If my hair is not thoroughly detangled when I braid it, I have an even bigger problem when the times comes to un-braid my hair. Removing braids and having to detangle at the same time would frustrated me. Frustration would cause me to handle my hair roughly and that would lead to breakage. So...DETANGLE!

I know some naturals prefer to use their fingers to detangle and separate hair. However, I prefer to use combs. After detangling with a wide tooth comb I use a rat-tail comb to section my hair for braiding. My hair does best with a minimum of 6 sections, smaller sections in the crown area. I combine sectioning with the detangling step because for me it's pretty difficult to do one without the other.

Neat but not tight - that is how I braid. Also, when braid I slide my fingers down the length of my hair with each turn so that my hair remains tangle-free and my length is stretched out for styling once the braids are undone.

Protect the Protection
Hats, bonnets, headbands, or hair ties...I use them to protect my hair from external elements. Just because the hair is braided does not mean that it is completely resistant to damage. I use bonnets when I sleep and hats when I go out. Remember, protective styles are just the beginning the true protection comes with how you treat your hair overall.

"I just turn my frown upside down, and I trade it for a smile"

Until the level of humidity drops, I will not be able to get a non-frizz filled style out of a three strand twist out.
You can see in the middle image just how defined the 3 strand twist looks once the hair is untwisted. The other two pictures are what happened after I went outside, lol.

I don't hate it so I can definitely see myself doing this looks a few more times this summer.

Products used:
Shampoo - SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine
Conditioners - HEHH and Giovanni Direct Leave-in
Stylers - SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Coconut Oil

Title/Lyrics from Erykah Badu

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three Strand Twistout and Frizz

I may have finally figured out how to 3-strand twist, but I would still file this style outcome under FAIL. I did not get the outcome I desired.

One thing I did that I want to do differently next time is to remove the twists sooner. Originally I twisted my hair and left the twists in for 3-4 days. By the time I un-twisted, they were so fuzzy the twist-out had some frizz even before I went outdoors.

Also, the humidity right now just isn't fair! I love wearing buns when it's this humid because a loose style never really holds its set in this weather.

So, I have the technique now to just perfect the outcome.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ways to Cover Your Hair When it is Hot Outside

I don't know about the heat where you are but in North Carolina it is pushing upper 80s to mid 90s almost daily. Although, after the winter we had, I am not complaining at all. I love hot weather and so NOT of fan of cold weather! During those hot seasons - just jump in a pool or start a water gun fight (which I plan to do soon) to cool off. I can never seem to get warm in the winter.

However, some days this hair does make it feel even hotter and I know that those hot sun rays are not the best for constant exposure - on skin or hair. Check out these tips from the Huffington Post on ways to cover your hair in hot weather:

Image Source(s): Pinterest FOLLOW ME!

My favorite is the floppy hat :)

P.S. IMI will soon be selling an expandable headscarf designed especially for natural hair. Be sure to check out the shop on Etsy for updates.

A Change Is Needed!

This humidity and shift in life is killing my hair! Ugh!

I have been neglecting my routine deep conditioning. Protective styling without deep conditioning is just pointless for my hair. Also, my protective styling has not been that great. Simply wearing a bonnet and a hat each day just does not work if I do not prep properly. My crown feels so brittle and my hair styles frizz up easy too easily. I really have no excuses because I do have the time to do it...I just lost my mojo. Mojo where are you???

The change I'm making is basically going back to what I know works for my hair.
1. Deep conditioning weekly
2. Using the Chicoro method before each protective style
3. Moisturizing daily
Simple but effective...works every time. :-)

Updates on my three strand twist out coming next!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Three Strand Twistout

The three strand twistout is one of the few styles that I could never seem to accomplish. So recently I decided to set my own personal goal of figuring this technique out. I am determined!

I wasn't really intrigued by the style until I saw this image and watched the YouTube tutorial. I love how you can do just a few twists and get a full look as the result.

Is this a technique you have been able to master? If you have some tips, please share them in the comment section below!

Image Source: Pinterest

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Protective Style: Summer Updo

It is getting hot and big natural hair can make you feel even hotter. Winter is a good season for protective styles because they can protect your hair from the elements; however, spring and summer also have their reasons for being protective style seasons.

Wearing protective styles during the spring/summer can:
- keep your hair off your neck when it's hot
- keep your style set on really humid days
- protect your scalp from sunburn on sunny days
- keep bugs from getting trapped in your hair (you know it happens)
- decrease pollen trapped in you hair
- allow you to wear hats for extra shade

Add your own reasons for protective styling in the spring/summer. 
Comment below!

Picture source: Pinterest
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