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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yarn Braids? Yes!

I have seen on YouTube and read a lot on the the blogs about a protective braid style known by many as "yarn braids" or "genie locs." Since I now have some free time back in my life I decided to give them a try. Another reason that the timing to try them out was perfect was because the last two weeks of the year are causal days at my job and if I didn't like them I could easily throw on a hat. (Natural hair and hats - I love the combination).

Some of the tutorials I watched on YT to learn how to do yarn braids are here, here, and here.
A blog that I found extremely helpful is here.

I did learn a few things with the braids:
• Braiding in small sections gives better results. Larger sections results in a lot of space and a lot of  visible scalp.
• Don't braid too tight or close to the edges. I had about 10 braids that I did a little to tight for my liking.
• Moisturize each section before braiding. The last thing you want with a protective style is breakage. Handling dry hair too roughly will lead to breakage.
• TIME. Putting in yarn braids so that they look good, takes t - i - m - e!!
• A spray bottle filled with your favorite moisturizer is great for daily moisturizing.





I love the outcome! This is definitely something that I will do again. When time allows and I am looking forward to trying out some styles with the braids.

If you have tried yarn braids, do you have any tips that you would like to share?


  1. I think it's a pretty style. I was first introduced to yarn braids a few months ago when I saw a vlog on YouTube by MsVCharles (which might be one of your links, i haven't looked yet). I'm not very good at making parts and braiding in general, so i'm not sure i would ever do this myself, but it looks like a great protective style.

  2. Looks good! My mom and cousins used to put yarn in the hair all the time. My grandma said she'd been putting yarn in her hair in the 60s and 70s. I remember wanting to have it done at one point and yours kinda make me want to do it =P

  3. They look great! How long did it take for you to put them in?

  4. OMG I saw your profile pic on FB and ran over to CN and over here to see what you've done. I absolutely love your braids. I will definitely be doing mine soon. Smooches and

  5. I love your hair!! I usually wear Yarn Twist I am thinking I will do Yarn braids before school starts up for the semester! Thanks for the hair idea!!!

  6. I had yarn braids this summer, I absolutely loved them! Except, I work out on a regular and I usually wash my hair once a week because it gets dirty so quick. I did an ACV rinse once a week which worked out well for me but the more I rinsed them the more tangled my hair got in the braids so taking them out at the end of the summer was tough! It was a nice break for me and my hair and my hair grew a lot! I will definitely try them again.

  7. I am deadly afraid of doing this style. Im scared of the possible damage it may cause. I know some women at my church who did this style but to me it looked very tacky, but yours looks amazing.

  8. wow. i've never heard of this technique. cool!

  9. I absolutely love it! They look fab!


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