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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yarn Braids Reviewed

Oh.My.Gosh! Removing the yarn braids was the worst process ever! I can not even pretend that it was not that bad. It took me 2 evenings and 1 day to put them in and it took about the same amount of time to take them out. I saturated some sections with Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner and when removing those braids, they would slide out when I got close to the roots. For the braids that I did not saturate with conditioner, I would have to un-braid carefully all the way down to the root. I opted to use conditioner all over just to make the job go a little bit easier.
Final Thoughts

Other than the installation and the removal I absolutely adored the yarn braids. The ease of being able to get up and go in the morning was lovely. 

On Long Hair
At this point, I assume that yarn braids would be a lot easier for someone with a shorter length because you could cut off the excess yarn and will not have to un-braid much of the length. The length of my hair did not allow me to cut off much for fear of accidentally slicing off some hair that I actually want to keep.

I have a satin pillowcase so I did not wrap them up at night, I just pulled them into a high ponytail so that they would not interrupt my sleep.

At least twice a week I would sit under the hair steamer for 15-20 mins to restore moisture to my hair and scalp. Once the braids were removed I noticed that my hair from the roots down to about 8 inches was very soft and had a nice sheen. The last few inches felt kind of hard and dry. I did not do a good enough job with keeping the ends of my length moisturized. Note: Keep the entire length moisturized to prevent breakage.

I washed the yarn braids with no problem and to decrease the chances of that dreadful mildew-like smell I washed my scalp and rinsed the braids early in the day. I used a nozzle on the top on my shampoo bottle to ensure that I only got the shampoo on my scalp and lightly massaged the scalp under running water. Then I let the suds run down the length when I rinsed. Basically, I did not shampoo the length. I cared for the braids similar to they way I care for my husband's locs.

I did not expect my style options to decrease with the yarn braids because I sought out the styling options of ladies with locs like BronzeGoddess01 & Chescalocs. The only thing that kept me from doing more styles was time. After installing the braids my scalp was sensitive to movement of the braids for about 1 day. Any longer than that and that would have been a sign that I braided to tightly. I did not have any redness and no "hair bumps" from tension so I did them just snug enough.

So, will I do them again?  Probably not, because of the amount of time that it took to put them in and take them out. If I ever cut my hair shorter I will definitely do yarn braids again.

If you are transitioning, have a TWA, or just a shorter length and you are looking for something affordable and lasting to do to your hair - I recommend yarn braids. It cost me a total of $2.50 to achieve this style that lasted a little over 1 month and could have possibly lasted even longer.

Hmm,......Did I miss anything?


  1. I am sorry you had a hard time with the yarn braids. They looked nice on you though.

  2. @Alicia: Thanks, but I'm quite alright. The pros far outweighed the cons with this style. If my hair was shorter I would do them again and again.

  3. Yeah, taking down yarn braids is a pain. I did mine in roughly 10 hours (I braid fast). But they ARE a nice style to wear for a month, and I had a nice bit of growth as well.

  4. same experience and because the last removal of my genie locs was so stressful i have decided to leave them behind for now :( i really loved the ease of them but i do notice how much i want to and need to be in my hair too s it is much longer than when i started them back in sept 2010

  5. hi! im very interested into getting genie locs but i dont know what website to order it from! can you help me please?

  6. @melissam.: The yarn used from genie locs can be purchased at any craft store, fabric store, or a Wal-Mart. To be honest, ordering yarn online would be a waste of money because yarn is so inexpensive in stores.

  7. How long do you suggest someone's hair should be to start yarn braids?

  8. @Auggie: If you have enough hair to grip for braiding then they should work just fine. I think shorter hair would be better because the removal process will be easier.

  9. I've been thinking about getting yarn braids for awhile now, I went to the wal-mart and couldn't find anything that matched my hair color. The black was too dark and the chocolate was too light. What color did you buy?

    1. Its hard to find an exact match but what I did for my yarn twist was mix the black with the brown.

  10. You should try yarn twist. They are faster to put in and even faster to take out.


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