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Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the News: Black Hair

This article starts out:
Carol Crouch ’14 has natural hair. She wears it in a big Afro. And people at Yale are constantly commenting on it. “Wow, it’s crazy,” they say. “It’s like a jungle in there.” They ask if they can pet it, poke it, stick their fingers in it. They ask questions. “Can you comb it?” “Do you wash it?”
You have to keep reading right? The author goes on to address the situations a young woman just starting college experienced. One problem I had with the article is that did seem to be filled with a lot of stereotypes (a lot of them true...but still). The article was very interesting but I believe that an individual can have a problem with acceptance in any setting and the content in the article isn't really unique. These situations happen with our families, friend, and social circles.

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