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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Natural hair and wearing hats - Part 1

Not only can hats be a great protective style in the winter (yup - they can) but they can also be worn during the warmer months to protect your hair from the sun or if you are just having a bad hair day. When I first started embracing my natural texture and learning how to style my hair, I had a lot of bad hair days. I still have a few bad hair days. As a result I began to stock up on slouchy beanie hats. I don't really have one place that I frequent to purchase them - I pick them up when I am out an about. However, teen stores and beauty supply stores tend to keep them in stock. I purchased hats until I had one in every color - that way I would have one to go with any outfit.

Recently, a friend (hey girl!) inquired about (Pause: someone literally just asked me for the hat I am wearing right now,LOL) how to wear hats with natural hair. I thought: "This is would a great post." Here are some images I found:

Click image for a larger view
As you can see almost any texture, length, and style can wear a hat.  Beanies, slouchy hats, scarves & hats, baseball caps...the list goes on.  

One image I had difficulty finding was a natural wearing a Sunday hat. Looks like I will be paying Macy's a visit ;) so that I can try some on. FOUND SOME!! (sorta, they're close).

Do you wear hats with your natural hair? 
What style of hat and how do you wear your hair with a hat?

Part 2 of this post will include 'moi' wearing an hairstyle with different hats. This is where I need your help. What hairstyle should I wear and show with some hats? Vote below.

Edited 09May2011 to had Sunday hat photos


  1. my hair is so thick, it's hard to find one that fits my head :-/

  2. my hair is still kind short so it doesnt show from under my hats and that kind bothers me any solutions??


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