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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Natural hair and wearing hats - Part 1

Not only can hats be a great protective style in the winter (yup - they can) but they can also be worn during the warmer months to protect your hair from the sun or if you are just having a bad hair day. When I first started embracing my natural texture and learning how to style my hair, I had a lot of bad hair days. I still have a few bad hair days. As a result I began to stock up on slouchy beanie hats. I don't really have one place that I frequent to purchase them - I pick them up when I am out an about. However, teen stores and beauty supply stores tend to keep them in stock. I purchased hats until I had one in every color - that way I would have one to go with any outfit.

Recently, a friend (hey girl!) inquired about (Pause: someone literally just asked me for the hat I am wearing right now,LOL) how to wear hats with natural hair. I thought: "This is would a great post." Here are some images I found:

Click image for a larger view
As you can see almost any texture, length, and style can wear a hat.  Beanies, slouchy hats, scarves & hats, baseball caps...the list goes on.  

One image I had difficulty finding was a natural wearing a Sunday hat. Looks like I will be paying Macy's a visit ;) so that I can try some on. FOUND SOME!! (sorta, they're close).

Do you wear hats with your natural hair? 
What style of hat and how do you wear your hair with a hat?

Part 2 of this post will include 'moi' wearing an hairstyle with different hats. This is where I need your help. What hairstyle should I wear and show with some hats? Vote below.

Edited 09May2011 to had Sunday hat photos


  1. my hair is so thick, it's hard to find one that fits my head :-/

  2. my hair is still kind short so it doesnt show from under my hats and that kind bothers me any solutions??

  3. My head itself is already larger than average. To add to that my super thick hair... most church hats won't fit me. When my hair is curly, I often have to resort to wearing Fascinators with headband, comb, or clip attachments.


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