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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coconut Oil Prepoo

A few days ago I did yet another post on coconut oil. In the post I mentioned that I would like to try coconut oil as a prepoo since I had not done that with coconut oil yet. Well, I finally did it!

My thoughts:

I love coconut oil and use it often so working with coconut oil is a breeze for me now. The first thing I did was melt the coconut oil by placing a small amount (¼ cup) in a jar and placing the jar in hot water.

Then I separated my hair into four sections. Once the oil was melted I applied the coconut oil to my hair starting at the ends and them moving up towards my scalp.

I left the coconut on my hair for 1 hour. In one section I kinda put too much oil and it was dripping down my neck, lol.

When it was time to wash I soaked/rinsed my hair thoroughly with warm water. Then I used shampoo to cleanse my scalp.

Afterwards my hair felt very different. The strands felt thicker and my hair felt stronger. It wasn't a bad feeling just different. I am going to try this a few more times so that I can get a better opinion on how I feel about the coconut oil prepoo. I can say I like this way better than when I used to prepoo with Olive oil.

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  1. It's so warm in my bathroom that i never have to melt my coconut oil, it's usually already in a liquid form lol.

  2. I usually pre-poo with coconut oil because of how soft my hair feels when my whole washing process is done. Also I think I read from the natural haven blog that it helps with water fatigue for the strands.

  3. I like to pre-poo with the Danbur Vatika Coconut Oil. It makes my hair feel so soft. These days with the heat, shoot I don't have to melt the oil! Lol

  4. I love prepooing with coconut oil. It is permanently part of my regimen. I've heard great things about vatika oil. I'm interested in trying that as well.


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