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Friday, September 30, 2011

HOTW: From Ugly Twists to a Pretty Twist-out

Hair of the week...

No special story behind this one.

I went from flat twists that looked like this:

To a twist-out that looked like this:

The layout of the twists and the direction I twisted hid the parts perfectly.

Thank you!

On the right side of your screen you may see a poll from time to time. I want to thank everyone that has already taken the time to participate in the current poll and the previous poll. Just a few seconds and a click is more important than you know. The polls help me with future posts and content that YOU the reader want to see. Thank you for your support!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In the news: My Hair Was Fit, but I Was Not

Recently an interesting article about health and hair was posted on WebMD. The article relates to the surgeon general's statement on black women sacrificing their health and wellness for hair. The author of this article states that there are common challenges that women encounter regarding hair and exercise. However, because it is estimated that by 2030 the majority of adults will be obese hair should be something that we allow to get in our way.

Read the article here:
My Hair Was Fit, but I Was Not « Everyday Fitness

Want to workout? Here is some good news:
If you are adamant about not messing up your hair (or sweating) when working out, there are some sweat free workouts that you can do.
• Pilates
• Water aerobics (wear a shower cap)
• Walking (in cooler weather)
• Tai Chi (I tried this one and you can actually feel the burn)
• Yoga

If you are looking to burn calories you will need to work out longer when doing the exercises listed above because they are low intensity and burn calories at a slower rate.

Back to normal

I managed to keep my hair straight for over a week. If it wasn't for the fact that I was so busy, the straight look would not have lasted that long. Flat ironing my hair was fun for about a day - seeing the length, playing with new updos, and running my fingers through my hair BUT I got bored quickly.

I steamed, shampooed, and deep conditioned my hair. Then I did about 12 two strand twists all over and I feel normal again. :)

If you have straightened your hair since being natural, how does having straight hair make you feel now?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Protective Style Time!

This time of year many individuals find it so much easier to do and wear protective styles for longer periods of time. I am one of those individuals. When I first started on protective style challenges they were hard to do because I felt like my styling options were limited so boredom often occurred during my challenge attempt. I made it my goal to be more creative with my protective styles.

If you are in need for some inspiration for this season please check out:
Top Protective Styles
Natural Hair Buns

Type F(oolishness)

By now you have probably heard of the Type F natural hair videos that were posted and active on YouTube over the weekend. Last I checked the videos were no longer available.

In a nutshell, the videos were of a few ladies demonstrating how to care for natural hair. Those videos were not well thought out. There were brushes being ripped through hair, matting/patting down of an afro, and just overall rough handling. If I followed the techniques in those videos not only would I suffer major breakage but it would also hurt. I really hope that they do try again AFTER researching on how to properly care and style  afro-textured hair.

In the meanwhile, check out this parody of the videos. Sadly for Type F, this VERY close to the real videos. Enjoy!

Did you see the natural hair Type F videos? What did you think?

Sunday Style

Surprisingly my hair is still flat ironed BUT not surprisingly, I can't do anything with it. I just can't handle my straight hair anymore. It's kind of funny because I remember a time when wrapping my hair and wearing it straight was all I could do. Saturday night I wrapped my hair and then combed it down on Sunday morning. We were in church for less than 10 minutes before I threw it up into a very unfashionable ponytail just to get it out of the way. I didn't even remember to snap a picture.

This past Sunday was youth Sunday and it was so beautiful to see so many children participating in uplifting and motivating activities. From singing to dancing to even preaching. Yes, preaching and it was on FIYAH! I'm trying to get a copy of that sermon to keep for myself because it was just that good. If you have not heard of Reginald Sharpe Jr, you should look him up. He is currently a 20yr old junior at Morehouse college and all I could say was WOW after hearing him preach.

Sunday's Message
The Riddle in the Middle
Psalm 23:4
Have you ever been in the middle of a situation and wonder what is going to happen next? When you are in the middle you are in a place where you can reflect on what God has done and expect what He is about to do. Watch what you cut off in the middle because you will never find out what is ahead. [Examples the speaker used] Think about movies, if you would have cut off Finding Nemo in the middle you never would have known that he found his father, if you would have cut off Forrest Gump in the middle you never would have known that he got Jenny, if you would have cut of The Color Purple in the middle you never would have known that Ms Celie got justice. Don't cut your situation off in the middle.
When you find yourself in the middle:
1. You need to get some stabilization - get stable in the Lord
2. You need to get some continuation - "though I walk through,"  your situation is just a visitation it's not meant for you to stay there.
3. You need to have a conversation - In the beginning of Psa 23 David said "He" but by the time David got to verse 4 David was saying "You" because David was talking to God. Having a conversation with God.
4. You need some relaxation - "I will fear no evil," know that God is with you and no weapon shall prosper

Quick Updo on Straight Hair

Even when my hair is flat ironed I like to take precautions to ensure that my ends stay protected. This is a quick look that I styled to keep my hair up in a somewhat fashionable way. I did this tutorial in one take and it took about 5 minutes to do. Quick and easy look for work, a date, or any day.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Link Share

Dress Up Doll Games
This is a fun website if you are just looking for something to waste time or if you have a little one that likes to play on online and you just need to keep her busy so that you can have a few minutes to yourself. I actually spent a good amount time playing around on this site, lol. I think I had a little too much fun.

All Recipes
I love and use this website all the time. My favorite feature is the ingredients tab. On that page you can list the ingredients that you do have and the site will give you recipe ideas that use those ingredients.

Saved By Love Creations
It's officially Fall and as I was looking for some decor ideas I stumbled across this blog. It has some pretty cool DIY things for the home. If you are a crafty person you just may enjoy a few of the projects that are found on this blog.

WWYD: "She's cute but that's just too much hair."

So I actually overheard the comment "She's cute but that's just too much hair."

How do you respond to that? Is that even possible, to have so much hair that it takes away from your "cute"? No, that statement was not directed at me or about me, it was about a random photo that was on a website. I have heard statements before that consisted of "that's a lot of hair" or "oh, look at all the hair on her head" but never have I heard of a female's level of "cuteness" being decreased because of the amount of hair on her head.

If this comment was directed at me, I am actually not sure how to respond. What about you?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

HOTW: Fishbone Braid

Hair of the week:

This style was so fun that I actually did it twice this week. It got a lot of compliments and "how did you do that?" (I'm around a lot of folks that don't watch YouTube). I got really good at it and could actually get it down in  less than 5 mins. I think if I wore my hair straight a lot more that this would become a staple look on my straight hair.

I'm going to try this again after I wash my hair. I am curious to see how it will work on my hair when it is back in its natural state.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

World Alzheimer's Day

There are probably too many of us that have watched a loved one suffer from Alzheimer's Disease.  If you haven't, consider yourself  and your loved ones to be abundantly blessed. It is horrifying and so sad to watch someone you have known all your life start to look at you like you are a stranger. I was telling my hubby not to long ago that this is the one disease that I hate the most because the individual is alive and with their family but they have no idea who loves them or what is going on around them. This disease is stressful for the individual suffering and the loved ones carrying for the individual. How do I know, because I watched a loved one suffer. To see the look of "lost" in someone's eyes is heartbreaking.

On today make it your mission to learn something new about this disease and to share what you have learned with someone else. 

About AD
Dementia  is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. Alzheimer's disease (AD), is one form of dementia that gradually gets worse over time. It affects memory, thinking, and behavior. Dementia symptoms include difficulty with many areas of mental function, including: Language, Memory, Perception, Emotional behavior or personality, and Cognitive skills (such as calculation, abstract thinking, or judgment). Dementia usually first appears as forgetfulness. How quickly AD gets worse is different for each person. If AD develops quickly, it is more likely to worsen quickly.Patients with AD often die earlier than normal, although a patient may live anywhere from 3 - 20 years after diagnosis.

Alzheimer's Disease International
64 Great Suffolk Street
London, SE1 OBL
+44 20 7981 0880
+44 20 7928 2357 Fax
www.alz.co.uk/adi/wad/  External Link
Materials available


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Asked, I Answered

You Asked:
What did you do to get your hair that long??Like what treatment?

I Answered:
When it comes to miracle growth treatments, I am the wrong person to ask because I never give the answer people want to hear. I do not believe in growth aids (or pills). After years of searching for some help with growth (and lots of disappointment) I came across a lot of long haired naturals with very simple regimens. I decided to give a simple and consistent hair regimen a try. Surprisingly I started and kept getting results that are better than any results I have even gotten with my hair. So my treatment is SIMPLICITY. Check out this post and see for yourself how women with long hair reach that point with simple methods: Simplicity of Long Hair Naturals

You Asked:
How did you straighten your hair?

I Answered:
It was a series of steps. So I will list them them instead of writing them out in paragraph form:
1. Steamed my hair for 20 mins with the Huetiful hair steamer
2. Shampooed my scalp and hair
3. Deep conditioned my hair
4. Braided it in med-sized braids to stretch and allowed my hair to air dry overnight
5. Flat-ironed my hair in small sections and used IC Fantasia Heat Protectant on each section
6. Wrapped my hair after flat ironing and left it wrapped until the next morning
You can speed up this process by using a hair dryer instead of allowing the hair to air dry. You have to determine how much heat you are willing to use on your hair and how much stress you feel that your hair can take.

Fall 2011 Length Check

Last year close to this time (October) I did a length check and my hair was at line 3 after I had my husband cut off a few inches.

Length History
September 2011 - Line 8
March 2011 - 6.5
October 2010 - Line 7/8 cut down to line 3
April 2010 - Line 3

After a year of tracking my growth (somewhat regularly) it seems that my hair grows and I retain the most length during the cooler months. During the warmer months I play in my hair a lot more and it also grows a lot slower - not a good combination. I always assumed this about my hair but never paid this much attention to it's growth pattern.

So this growth pattern works perfectly for me because I LOVE to do protective styles in cooler weather and wear my hair out in warmer weather.

Similar to my flat ironing in the past, I didn't go bone straight. I don't like to apply excess heat to my hair (especially the ends) and getting it to this flat ironed state took 1hr and 20 minutes. I can get it bone straight if I went slower and in smaller sections but -- I just didn't want to. I flat ironed for the sole reason of trimming my ends so this probably won't last over a week. I trimmed off  ½ inch all around before this picture was taken.

There is no shape to my hair but I have already purchased a deal to get my hair done this winter and I will get it cut into a shape then. I haven't decided if I want a U-shape, V-shape, or a blunt cut.

At line 8 I am longer than I started last winter so I am curious to see how far my bunning will take me this season.

Are you protective styling this fall/winter? What are you doing to prep?

Monday, September 19, 2011

In The News: Fall 2011 Trends

According to Harper's Bazaar there are a few trends that will be taking over this Fall. A good think about these trends are that they are ones that can be easily embraced by those with naturally textured hair.

Fall 2011 Trends
• Pony tails from messy to sleek and from low to high are predicted to be seen this Fall.
• Braids
• Tornado twist, this puts me in the mind of the different ways that you would wrap your straight hair before bedtime
• Slick looks. This ranges from slicked back sides on loose hair to slicked back ponytails.

Other sources states that some trends from this summer are going to hang around this fall like feathers, ombre highlights, and color.

You know what I would really like to see? Natural hair trends. Someone out there needs to do seasonal and tasteful articles/posts on the "in" things for natural hair. I often check Essence but I tend to see more trends being highlighted for straight styles. Maybe now that CurlyNikki is over there, we can get more information pertaining to those of us that are wearing our hair in its natural state.

What I would like to see this Fall with natural hair:
• I want to see the "pineapple" go public - it would be a great "out" style for the cooler weather because it would keep your ends up off of your clothes

More buns and updos - it gets too cold to do hair. Hair should allow you to bundle up without hassle. High, low, double, centered, messy - so many bun options.

Hair accessories - in the winter protective styles are more popular and decorating them with accessories keeps them interesting.

Jumbo earrings - many people don't think of earrings as an hair accessory but I do. In my opinion nothing compliments a bun better than same cute large earrings

(30) Mini Pompadour And Twist-out

Here is the tutorial for the Teyana Taylor inspired looked from a few days ago:

Written instructions can be found here → Another Inspired Look

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another inspired look

The inspiration:

My creation:

I love attempting weave styles to see if I can do them is only my hair. The outcome is never as big as the original look but the overall concept is still captured when I transfer the look onto myself with just my hair.

To get this look:
1. Shampoo and deep condition hair. Detangle well
2. Separate the "bang" section from the rest of the hair. This section will be the mini pompadour.
3. Flat twist the hair in the back going from left to right and then right to left with the next row. This will help create more volume.
4. The pompadour section in the front will be the last to twist. Do a stretching technique (elastic band) to smooth the roots and the two strand twist the remaining hair.
5. Sit under a hooded dryer or let the twist set air dry completely.
6. Once dry, remove all the twists. Smooth and pin back the pompadour
7. Fluff to your liking

For a more defined look you can do two strands instead of flat twists. This look can also be done with cornrows instead of twists. The limits of this look are up to you and your creativity.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Twitter Favorites {1}

If you are following @HerBestHair on twitter then you may already be aware of some of the tweets that I have favorited over time. Majority of people are aware that with social media/networking there is a lot of foolishness but...there are also a lot very interesting thoughts put out by some seemingly nice folk. Here are a few of my favorites:

Don't feel bad if your  routine is simple. You don't always have to use a lot of products, just the right ones.

Nerissa Irving
“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.  

Youtube │ Twitter │ B-Girl South

Fall 2011 Regimen

Today in North Carolina, it is COLD! I don't know what happened. Yesterday I had on a dress, sandals, and was driving with all the windows down. Today I am in jeans, two shirts, and driving with the heat on. In some of the more country parts of NC you may hear people say, "if you don't like the weather just wait 5 mins." I wasn't ready for this, there was no transition from Summer and this does not give me a good feeling about this winter. I am not a fan of the cold.

The first day of Fall is September 23 but the way that this weather is looking, some of us may already be implementing our cooler weather regimens.

Last Fall my regimen was as follows:

1. Cleanse
Co-wash weekly and clarify monthly. Pre-poo before each shampoo.
2. Condition
Deep condition weekly. Except on shampoo week, on those weeks a quick 3-5 minute rinse out conditioner will be used.
3. Moisturize
After rinsing and while hair is still damp apply leave-in conditioner and then seal weekly.
4. Treatments
Oil Rinse after each shampoo monthly.
Henna bi-yearly.
5. Style
Styles for the cold weather will consist of braids, cornrows, buns, roller-sets and/or twists that are pinned up or styled in up-dos. Hairstyles will be done weekly.
6. Trims
Trim as needed.

That regimen yielded great results with my hair so as they say, if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.  I will however add steaming to this process (I didn't have the steamer around this time last year). Also, I am contemplating continuing to shampoo weekly because it is going so well for me. Only time will tell...

Link Share

Why didn't anyone tell me about this site?! Oh my goodness, it's full of goodies. It's like a collection of "best of the internet." I just love the DIY section. I submitted a request to be invited to the site and you will never guess what I got in return...an email talking about a wait list. What?? Yea, I guess it's just that great of a site.

My Design Diva
I am looking for a good and permanent blog makeover so I recently reached out to My Design Diva. Looking at her work I know I am going to love what she has to offer. The best part - she responded so quickly. One thing I hate is poor customer service, it is a huge turn off.  If you are looking for some blog, web design, or any type of graphic design help then you should check her out.

27b/6 - Missing Missy
My husband and I came across this story one day and could not stop laughing. We just read it again and was still laughing just as hard. I won't describe it to you because it will ruin all the fun but I am telling you...it's funny!! (clean humor) - It's about missing cat

Don't forget, Her Best Hair is also on
YoutubeTwitterB-Girl South

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sunday Style: Two Strand Twists

Someone once asked me if I ever have bad hair days...well, yes I do. This day was not so much a bad hair day but I was just to tired to take out the twists for a twist out.

Sunday Message
Doing the Impossible
Genesis 50:15-21
in the text Joseph's track record is one of kindness. Joseph remained kind to his brothers even after all that they had done to him. When you know you have done someone wrong it lives with you - like Joseph's brothers.
1) When you have got guilt you don't expect grace - "Will they do to me what I have done to them?"
2) To make something right, you have got to confess the wrong - "How many times in life do we hurt someone and fail to admit to our wrongdoing?"
3) Human deceit can not stop divine design (Genesis 50:21)
One of the hardest things you will ever have to do as a Christian is to forgive someone that you have a right to hate (the molester, the rapist, the absent parent, the abusive spouse, etc).

This song always makes me think about how ugly we can be to each other and how blessed we are to serve a merciful God.

Deon Kipping - "Not Like Me"

"Yesterday I had a dream
That the God I serve was just like me
He treated people real bad
God was sitting right there
He was acting just like me"

In the News: The World's Biggest Afro

This lady's fro is beautiful!!

Aevin Dugas (USA) is the proud owner of the Guinness World Record-breaking "Largest Afro." When measured in New Orleans, USA, on October 4, 2010, it had a circumference of 4 ft 4 in. She trims her afro two or three times a year, and uses up to five conditioners at once when she washes it. Dugas is featured in the Guinness World Records 2012 edition book.

The longer my hair gets, the less it "fros" It takes some work for me to achieve an afro, check out how I do it here → (7) Making An Afro

Read more: BBC News - 'I have the world's biggest afro'

How does your Afro compare?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In the News: The Skip Curl Technique

twist-out waves

Skip Curl?? (not pictured) Have you heard of this technique? It's my first time hearing of and though it sounds interesting, I wonder if this is a technique that can be used on "our" hair.

The article outlines the steps as follows:

"1. Begin with wet, clean, detangled hair. Spray on Slip™ Detangler to remove all knots, tangles and loose hairs. It is important to detangle the hair before applying any styling product, to ensure that the product will work effectively. While your hair is wet you have control to manipulate the curl the way you want.
2. Take a section of hair, the amount depends on the type of curl you want to achieve. For a loose curl group larger sections, and for a tight curl group smaller sections of hair. To easily group sections use the end of the Root Brush to gather the hair. Apply a generous amount of Curl Keeper™ to each section and comb it through using the Root Brush to distribute evenly from roots to ends.
3. Starting at the root, twist the section around your finger.
4. Slide your finger down the hair shaft but stopping and holding at the end.
5. Bend it and SKIP the hair like you would with a skipping rope, in the same direction as the twist - Voila - the ringlet is formed!"

I can see this working in sections of my hair that have a looser curl but the ones with a tighter curl, not so much. It also sounds more of a method to be used on longer hair. Its worth an experimental try...

Source: Curly Hair Solutions™ Presents the Skip Curl Technique - The Base of Six Great Fall Hairstyles

Flat Twist Updo Natural Hair Tutorial

Check out this updo by NaturalChocolate:

Natural Hair Tutorial: Yet Another Flat Twist Updo

I recently did a very similar style on a friend of mine so that she could workout and not worry about maintaining her natural hair. The only difference was that I did smaller two strand twists and flat twists. She liked it and told me she got a lot of compliments and even some folks requesting me to style their hair. Who knew I had this gift hiding for all these years.

DIY Hair Conditioner

One of my current hair goals is to enhance my hair's natural sheen. One way to achieve that goal is with good deep conditioning treatments. I recently came across a forum that listed types of deep conditioning treatments done in Dominican hair salons. I have never been to a Dominican salon myself but these deep conditioner recipes sound enticing and are making me curious. Ingredients listed for each treatment are supposed to treat some of the common problems associated with hair. Check them out:

Dryness/Lack of Softness: Avocado, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Coconut, Silk (usually worm), Jojoba
Shedding (otherwise refered to as "falling hair")and Growth: Garlic, Wheat Germ, Cinnamon, Rosemary
Dullness: Silicone, Honey, Olive Oil, Strawberry, Placenta, Coconut, Jojoba, Almond

Strength: Lecithin, Egg, Milk, Collagen, Placenta, Whale Sperm

Like most hair treatment you should first identify your hair problem, find the conditioner mix created to resolve that issue, and then condition.

Just by examining the ingredients I can see how this mixes may work. Aloe vera juice is great for moisturizing dry hair, garlic is known to reduce shedding, honey gives dull hair shine, and egg strengthens hair (protein).

As always, before doing any type of treatment or using any mix - do your research and make sure you do not have allergies to any of the ingredients. Always be careful with information to obtain from others.

Source: Dispora Hair Care

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

September 13 is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day. Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. The damage is due to a reaction to eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats. This damage affects the ability to absorb nutrients properly. A person becomes malnourished, no matter how much food he or she eats. This damage affects the ability to absorb nutrients properly. A person becomes malnourished, no matter how much food he or she eats. The symptoms of celiac disease can be different from person to person. This is part of the reason why the diagnosis is not always made right away. Celiac disease cannot be cured. However, your symptoms will go away and the villi in the lining of the intestines will heal if you follow a lifelong gluten-free diet. Do not eat foods, beverages, and medications that contain wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats.

To learn more about Celiac Disease:
Celiac Sprue Association
P.O. Box 31700
Omaha, NE 68131-0700
(877) 272-4272
(402) 643-4108 Fax

In The News: Corinne Bailey Rae Shares Her Tips to Natural, Healthy Hair

In a nutshell, she suggests:
• Good products can help hold curls and ward off frizz
• To maintain your curls, comb out your hair when the conditioner is in your hair, rinse, and then braid it up
• Get your ends cut regularly, "breakage makes you think it's not growing"

Monday, September 12, 2011

In the news: Natural Hair Is Not a Man Magnet

This is an interesting news article and something that is actually not new to me. I have read about this topic in hair forums, heard about it on YouTube, and even come across tweets on twitter. Check out the article below:

Natural Hair Is Not a Man Magnet | The Stir

My thoughts...
I don't think any hair is automatically a "man magnet." It's all about how you carry yourself - even ladies with long straight hair have a problem getting and keeping a man. I have many friends with natural hair and 99% of them are in [long-term] relationships or married. You can't expect to attract a man, much less keep one if you are not confident in yourself. The advice I give to anyone that asks me "how did you and your husband meet" is to be genuinely happy with who you are and where you are in life. When you get to that point, you won't care if all your friends have a man and you are single. How do I know? I was there. I used to be sad that I was lonely and one day I just decided to get over it. I was focused on ME (when you are single it, is the best time to be selfish) and TAA DAH, here comes my future husband. I never believed that advice until it happened to me.

Also, think about the type of man you want. Maybe you are getting attention but your "standards" are keeping you from seeing the "diamond in the rough." It's okay to have standards just be careful to not make them so that you are asking for more than you are giving and missing out on your blessing. You want him to have a good job, do you? You want him to have a house, do you? The list goes on. Maybe it's not the natural hair....maybe it's you. In my opinion, placing the blame on your hair is a cop out.

Check out my Natural Hair and Love Story

Flexi-Rod Set... by LeobodyC5

I love the outcome of LeobodyC5's flexi-rod set, this is something I will have to try the next time I flat iron my hair.


Hair of the Week: defined twist-out

The defined twist-out:

The key to a great defined twist out is all in the technique. You can use every product under the sun but if your technique isn't right then you will have a lot of difficult creating a consistently defined look.

My suggestions for a defined twist-out:
Start with hair that had been detangled well. Separate the hair into sections that would yield medium sized twists. When parting the sections do a brick layer pattern. This patterned will help hide the parts without the fluffing that takes away from the defined look. When you are ready to start the two strand twist because that the two sections of hair to be twisted are equal in length and volume. Begin twisting being careful not to pull some hair from one section into the other.

If you don't get it the first time, keep trying.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Link Share Friday!

Happy Friday!

Female Sneaker Fiend 
I love shoes. Heels, sandals, sneakers, boots - I do not discriminate, lol. So, when I came across this site I was in love. There is nothing like a good sneaker collection to make your feet feel good. One thing I love about today's fashion is how some ladies are daring enough to pair a sneaker with a dress. I love that look - self expression is priceless.

I have really gotten into painting my nails every week and sometimes twice a week. When I saw this nail art blog I saw so many looks I wanted to try. I'm not that good at nail art but they saw practice makes perfect. My favorite is the Explosion design.

Going -Natural
This website is a great resource for various natural hair types. There are a number of styles to be found on the site and also a directory for natural hair salons.

Update! My Hair

I've gotten a lot of requests for a length check but sorry to disappoint you, this post does not contain a length check. I don't like to do them often because the surprise if bigger if you only do them 1-3x a year. Also, I am more focused on health than length and constantly checking my length may shift my focus.

Scalp and Hair Oiling
I have been oiling my scalp with a 50:50 mix of Castor oil and coconut oil. Once I oil I start massaging my scalp with my finger tips. I started doing this because when my hair hits a growth spurt is gets really sore and I was hoping this would alleviate some of the soreness. Turns out, this is great for stress so I do it almost weekly for about 20minutes solely for stress relief. I chose to use Castor and coconut oils because they are the two oils that my hair responds well to when used on my hair.

I am using the same 50:50 Castor and coconut oil mix to pre-poo before shampooing my hair. I apply the oil from root to tip and let it sit on my hair for about an hour. My hair feels stronger and I can even detangle slightly when shampooing

Weekly Styling
Not too long ago I started adding an extra wash day each week in my regimen. Depending on how the week goes determines if I shampoo or co-wash. I am still protective styling for most of the week but not on purpose. It's just so much easier to move through a busy week when I done have to worry about my hair.

Special Treatments
Since I colored my hair a few months ago I do a protein treatment about once a month to help strengthen the color treated hair. My hair is responding well and seems to love the monthly protein. All the times in between protein treatments I am using a moisturizing conditioner.

My product supply has remained relatively the same with a few new trials here and there. When I find something that works I really don't try to hard to replace it. You can view my seasonal regimens and product line-up here → My Regimen

Future goals
I was looking back at some photos of past hair styles and with a few of them, I did not like what I saw (anymore). I want to work on perfecting those looks and the appearance of my hair. I want o focus on bring out my natural sheen because many hairstyles will look so much better if the hair does not have the look of being dry.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

FDA Alert: The Brazilian Blowout and cancer risk

The Brazilian Blowout is still under fire, this time from both the FDA and the American Cancer Society. The article from CBS News states:

The FDA sent a scathing letter to the popular hair-straightening brand, saying its product could endanger consumers and hair stylists who use them.

The letter called the Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution "adulterated," with the liquid methylene glycol. When heated with a blow dryer and hot flat iron, the liquid releases carcinogenic formaldehyde vapors into the air.

People exposed to large amounts of formaldehyde in their professions are at an increased risk for lymphoma, leukemia and brain cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

Is having straight hair worth this risk? With so many health problems already plaguing Americans there is no need to willingly put ourselves in the line of danger in regards to cancer risks. There are safer ways to straighten your hair and although those methods may not last as long, at least they will not put you at risk for cancer. So just pull out that flat iron, get a weave, or go old school with a hot comb (joking). You have healthier choices...

Read more: Brazilian Blowout in FDA crosshairs over cancer risk

September is...

You've taken control of your hair so now why not take control of your health. I want to start incorporating an aspect of my education and training with some posts on the blog- public health. I have a Bachelors in Community Health Education and a Master's in Human Services, I have spent my entire college career studying about public service and health education. I am a fan of prevention over treatment and I can't stand to see people suffer from ailments that could have been prevented or caught early. So each month (if ya don't mind) I would like to present a few posts that focus on disease awareness and information. Don't worry, the primary focus of this blog will still remain on hair care and hair styles. Now, without further ado...

September is...

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Fruit and Veggies - More Matters Month
Produce for Better Health Foundation

Healthy Aging® Month

Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month

National Cholesterol Education Month
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Health Information Center

National ITP Awareness Month

National Pediculosis Prevention Month/Head Lice Prevention Month

National Sickle Cell Month

National Yoga Awareness Month

Newborn Screening Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Whole Grains Month

As you went down the list, were you able to think of individuals (or yourself) that are suffering for any of those diseases that were mentioned? Sadly, I could.

You Asked, I Answered

You Asked:
I stumbled upon your blog after watching a few of your hair tutorials. Thanks for sharing the beautiful protective styles that can last for a couple of weeks. This is necessary for me because I have a husband, 2 children, work and go to school full time. So I want to show my hair TLC but also have low manipulation hairstyles in the meantime.

My question is, can you please do a post of hair parting? I am challenged in this area. I can cornrow but my parts looks jagged and uneven. I have the same long wide rat tail comb like you do but I can not seem to use it right, especially in the back of my head.

Thanks in advance! I know it will help so many other naturals out there- me for sure!

I Answered:
I have plans to make a video that shows basic hair styling techniques, one of which shows parting. When I am parting my hair I imagine that I am drawing a line on my scalp. Keeping the thought in mind helps me create fairly straight and neat parts when styling.

When I first started styling my hair I had the hardest time finding explanations of how to do the simplest styling steps. So I hope the vid I create will fill that void. Thanks for the question, the vid is coming soon!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Product Review: Sunsilk De Frizz Shampoo

They say: Sunsilk De-Frizz Shampoo works that shift for you. Formulated with Aloe-E, it hydrates your hair to help tame wild frizz.

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium chloride, dimethiconol, glycerin, fragrance, carbomer, amodimethicone, TEA-dodecylbenzenesulfonate, tetrasodium EDTA, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, DMDM hydantion, C11-15 pareth-7, laureth-9, PEG-45M, trideceth-12, vitamin e, propylene glycol, aloe vera, sorbitol, PPG-9, methylchloroisothiazolinone, algae extract, mica, titanium dioxide, yellow 5, green 3

Good Guide Rating: 5.6

I say: This is the first shampoo that made me say "wow." It got my hair and scalp clean but did not feel like it was stripping my hair. My hair felt extremely soft and I could even detangle with this shampoo. I couldn't detangle completely but it was more than I have been able to do with other shampoos. I think I found my keeper! I definitely plan on buying this one again and it has even resulted in an update to my staple products.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is it Wrong to Say "Christian Hip Hop?"

In many of my posts you may notice that I like a variety of christian music from gospel to reggae. I am also a fan of Christian Hip Hip. A few of my favorite artists include the Ambassador, Lecrae, Erica Cumbo, and Trip Lee. I love that the music has a good message, a biblical foundation, and great beats.

The other day I read this article:
Is it Wrong to Say "Christian Hip Hop?"

I have heard and read many comments on YouTube from people that are not in favor of Christian Hip Hop, Rap, or Reggae. It seems as if some people think all christian music should sound like the old school mass choirs (I like those too). Once I even read a rant on YouTube from an individual that stated she didn't like Mary Mary because they did not use the word "God" in any of their songs. Um...she must have been listening to the wrong Mary Mary because one of their most well known songs has God in the title - God In Me.

My thoughts?
This is the way I see - everything in this world belongs to God and He has given us freedom to chose how we use the gifts that we are blessed to have. The music - all of it - belongs to God. There is nothing in the Bible that states "don't listen to songs with a strong bass line." If you don't like it, don't listen to it. It's that easy. However, if you know of someone that enjoys Christian hip hop then don't condemn them for it. The Bible says that we should not pass judgement against each other - but yet we do. The artists in christian hip hop have planted a bug in the ear of the youth and pulled them closer to Christ. Is that so wrong?

Read: Romans 14, 1 Corinthians 8: 4-6, 1 Corinthians 9:22, Titus 1:15

Monday, September 5, 2011

HOTD: Updo Comes Down

I couldn't call this hair of the week because I only wore my hair down for a day. I couldn't take it for much longer than that because it was getting caught on everything! My shades, my necklace, my headset at work, my keys...the only thing that didn't happen this time was it getting shut in the car door again.

I took my updo down because it was giving me problems at work with my headset (annoying) and once I took it down I love the definition and softness of my hair so I decided to just wear the twist out. I like my twist outs kinda messy so after fluffing to hide the parts, I loved it.

(29) Braided Headband

Sunday Style: Cinna-bun

A long time ago I watched a YouTube tutorial by motorcitymoxie on the Cinna-bun. For some reason I could never get this style to work - but this weekend I finally got it (quitters never win). Time slipped by me fast on Saturday and after doing a friends hair and my husband's hair, I was tired and left with a twist-out on it's last leg.

I gave the Cinna-bun one more try on a whim and it worked. So Saturday night I moisturized and did chunky two strands twists then fashioned the Cinna-bun on Sunday morning.

Sunday Message
It's No Secret What Jesus Can Do
Acts 26:26
In the text Paul is telling the King that he (Paul) is where is he because he's doing the Lords work. Paul tells this to the King because it is no secret.
It was no secret when:
1. Jesus was born (Luke 2:11, Luke 1:30-32, Matthew 2:2)
2. He did God's work during his life (John 2:1-11, Luke 5:4-10, Luke 9:10-17)
3. He died (John 11:25-26, Matthew 27:50-53)
4. He rose from the dead (Mark 16:1-8, Romans 1:4-5, 1 Peter 1:3)

I love this song...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Link Share Friday!

It's FRIDAY! and a 3 day weekend!!

Today's link share is dedicated to the legit hustler/entrepreneur/go-getter/business woman:

Soul Couture - I have ordered a number of t-shirts from this site and I love them all. I wear them so often that I am going to have to order more soon. I love the creative designs and the fast shipping. Click the link to check out the site. (I am not sure if she ships internationally) I want this one next → Virtuous tee

Koils By Nature - AWESOME butters and great scents! The owner, Pam, is a sweetheart! I met her once and its been about a year since then and I have watch her business grow in popularity so much since then. She deserves the success. One thing I love about Pam and her company is that she interacts with her customers and she travels to events to met her customers. She is based up north but I have seen her in NC and missed her by a day in GA. Her products are also located in various stores across the U.S. Also, check out the Koils By Nature giveaway

Rachel Stewart Jewelry - This woman has an amazing jewelry line! And the photos of her on website don't do her justice - she is gorgeous and yes, her skin is really that flawless. I purchased a headband from her over a year ago and I feel special because she doesn't make them anymore (so in my head I have something exclusive). She has a great variety of pieces. Go ahead and treat yourself. :)

*Please note that I am sharing these links based on my experiences with these companies and individuals. I am not being compensated in any way.

Product Review: Dudu-Osum Natural Moist Conditioner

They say: Restores moisture, prevents breakage, detangles and adds shine

Ingredients: Pure honey, shea butter, osum (carnwood), potassium palkernelate, sodium pal kernelate, glyceride, aloe vera, lime juice, lemon juice, neem oil, tea tree oil, water, and fragrance

I say: I purchased this conditioner because the conditioner I initially wanted to purchased was out of stock. The store manager told me that this was a great conditioner and that it had great ingredients. I took a look at the ingredient list and decided that it didn't sound bad and it was worth a try (plus I like this brand's shampoo). This conditioner is really thick but does not have a lot of slip until you start to rinse it out and that doesn't last long enough to detangle. It also has a smell that is not common among conditioners, it not flowery or fruity, it more of a medicinal smell. This conditioner states that it is a "moist" conditioner however it felt more like a cleansing cream. I wouldn't purchase this conditioner for its conditioning properties but if I was to go on a no-poo regimen I would purchase this product to cleanse my hair.

Natural hair, is it that serious?

line at CN meetup

Depending on how long you have been online reading blogs and watching youtube vids, you may have some across this question a few times. I have even heard this question in real life.

"Websites and blogs about hair? Is it that serious? Do people really go online like that?"

To some extent I think it is just that serious. There are actually individuals out that there are not quite sure how to deal with their naturally textured hair because it was not something that they were exposed to long enough to really learn how to care for it. The funny thing to me is that the individuals in real life that seem to think this is all strange are the ones that are stuck in a rut and constantly asking questions about how to care for their hair (side eye).

There are some that have been fortunate enough to learn how to care for their hair without the help of forums, blogs, or youtube vids but should the ones that seek assistance online be bashed. I don't think so. If we can Google and search for answers to everything else, why not hair? School has taught us that when we want to learn about something that we should go do some research.I learned how to cornrow, flat twist, and curl my hair via Youtube. No one in real life would teach me or knew how to teach something that they have always know.

I will admit that sometimes I think that cyber world can get a little out of hand. People can be a lot tougher, meaner, and faker behind a computer. But that happens on almost every site - not just hair related websites. Then there are the ones that idolize their favorite blogger. It's alright to admire someone but you must keep in mind that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Don't take your favorite bloggers/vloggers word to be gold because everyone's hair is different. Read, interpret, and then tweak to fit your hair needs.

Blogs/Vlogs Can Be Harmful

Bandwagons, products, and techniques...too much of a good thing can really mess you up. There have been a number of waves of bandwagons for a few years now. Every now and again a newbie will come across an old thread of some "miracle growth" product and will dust it off to present it to the next generation of newbies. Before you do that, do more research - what came of that particular product/recipe/regimen?

Also, before moving on to advanced hair care regimens, learn your basics. Learn how to wash properly, detangle, deep condition, and style gently. For example, I have seen over and over again individuals complaining about dry hair and they have tried every product under the sun. What they didn't try was weekly deep conditioning. Yes, it can be that simple.

As a someone that was made to feel like I didn't belong and that my hair was ugly because it wasn't relaxed I will say proudly that YES these natural hair boards and blogs are needed. I wish I would have had access to all of this as a young adult. Still not convinced, take a look at the media coverage and popularity - even some celebs are walking around chemical free and have admitted to visiting some of these very blogs that a few feel are not needed.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Would You Do? "You should straighten your hair"

The big day is finally becoming a reality...you are engaged and the wedding is three months away. For some reason many friends and quite a few relatives are dropping hints that you should straighten your hair for the "big day" but you are just not feeling that suggestion. Your grandmother (whom you adore) even tells you to straighten your hair. Now you are totally confused but finding a natural elegant style is driving you insane... 

What do you do?

Got this in my email today

"Founded in 1910, North Carolina Central University was the first publicly supported liberal arts college for African-Americans. Today, this dynamic campus has a diverse student body of 8,300 enrolled in academic programs including law, biotechnology, library science, business, nursing, education and the arts. For two years in a row, U.S. News & World Report has ranked NCCU as the best public historically black college or university in the nation."

Any Eagles out there?
Eagle Pride!
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