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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Got A Silk Press... {review}

A few months ago I purchased a LivingSocial Deal for a Silk Press, Condition, and Trim at a salon in my hair (If you are not using LivingSocial or GroupOn, you are missing out on a lot).


I redeemed the deal on Friday afternoon. I arrived at the salon at 3:30 for my 3:45 appt. After hearing all the horror stories about waiting at salons I was presently surprised that I did not have to wait and was actually taken to the chair before 3:45.

Once in the chair the beautician actually assessed my hair before starting. She mentioned that I had some areas of dry scalp. So after shampooing my hair (it felt so good) she applied a moisturizing conditioner that contained shea butter to my hair and placed me under the dryer for 10 minutes. 

Next, the conditioner was rinsed out and then came the detangling and blow dry session. I am very particular about how I detangle my hair. I DO NOT like to feel pulling and I hate to hear popping. That lets me know that my hair is getting snapped and broken. I have been natural for years and I have learned from my own mistakes how not to detangle. I didn't like the way the detangling was going so I calmly stated to the beautician that I preferred the use of a wide toothed comb over a paddle brush. She switched to a comb and I felt better. I was thankful that she was open to listening to what I prefer with my hair.

After the blow drying (to stretch my hair) I was placed under an Iconic dryer for 15 minutes to help dry the remaining damp areas close to my scalp. After that was done the flat ironing begin. I know what a pain it is to flat iron all this hair, I actually felt bad that that she had so much work ahead of her. My hair is longer now than it was the last time I flat ironed my hair. Once all my hair was flat ironed it was trimmed. The trim was PERFECT! It was a true trim, not a cut. The trim was actually the only part that scared me.

The silk press took about 2 hrs on my thickness and length. The overall decor and ambiance of the salon was very calming and serene. I absolutely loved the decor and the location was extremely easy to find. This salon visit was definitely better than my last visit years ago (to another salon) and I would definitely go back again. Especially for a trim.

See the results below:
Day 1

Day 2
What is a silk press?
A “silk press” is a hair straightening method in which your hair is first infused with silk serum like Silk Therapy by Biosilk flat-ironed straight on medium to high heat setting. A silk press results in straight  hair that is not weighted down with oil. The result is lighter and bouncy than hair. A silk press can also leave your hair looking and feeling silkier and shiner than a traditional flat-iron.

If you are in the Raleigh/Durham area and looking for a salon to visit:

Amaka's International Hair
1906 E Nc Highway 54 # 100A  
Durham, NC 27713-2285
(919) 806-5312

Have you tried a silk press on your natural hair? What are you thoughts?


  1. I have never heard of a silk press before but I absolutely love the results on you! And your hair has grown a lot it looks very soft, shiny and healthy too!

  2. Your hair came out really nice! I love living social and groupon, if I see this offered in NYC area I'll research the salon and probably give it a go

  3. That's gorgeous! I remember seeing that special in my inbox, but I just passed on it... c'est la vie. Silk press -- adding to "Things to Try" on Evernote.

    I went to the salon Saturday and came away with a much bigger trim than I wanted. It's my fault. Too much heat styling, and suddenly my hair is MUCH shorter. *sigh, smh* I learned my lesson.

  4. This is my first time hearing about a silk press. Your hair looks beautiful,My hair was currently the length of your hair from the year 2010 and when I went to get a trim the beautician cut my hair shorter on the right side than left so I had to get my hair cut all the same length and I'm now a little past shoulder length. :( it's fristrating b/c I wanted to wear my hair down for my wedding and now it looks to short to me. I'm hoping to reach ur length within the next 2 years. Keep up the good work!

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  6. I just saw one of my fb friends post a stat about this and found your post through google. Your hair looks beautiful! Happy that you tagged the salon as they are hard to find with pictures of their work:)

  7. I just saw one of my fb friends post a stat about this and found your post through google. Your hair looks beautiful! Happy that you tagged the salon as they are hard to find with pictures of their work:)

  8. Did your hair stylist use a hot comb

  9. It looks wonderful but how is this different from flat ironing with serum? I used to flat iron with biosilk an it didn't makes much difference... (I never use grease/oil at any step )


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