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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Results are in: Hair Attitude Survey

Remember that survey being done by Sister 2 Sister and Sofn'free a while back? Well the results are in, check out a brief highlight below:

If it's true that "clothes makes the man," then what makes the woman? According to a recent survey conducted jointly by Sister 2 Sister and Sofn'free, females rank hair as the biggest determining factor in a woman's overall look. They judged it as almost three times more significant than clothes and nearly six times more than makeup.

The Naturals

Given the option to select one or more choices, an overwhelming 70 percent of the natural hair group selected the most compelling reason to opt out of the relaxer process was because they felt their route is healthier for their hair and scalp. Other reasons:
* 47 percent specified the chemical-free aspect
* 41 percent said that they preferred the look of natural hair
* 31 percent cited cost-savings as a reason
* 28 percent said natural hair is a way to show that they embrace their ethnicity
* 25 percent said natural hair gives an aura of confidence or a no-fuss, no-muss attitude

Read more:
Hair Attitude Survey: Finding Strands of Truth Behind Styles and Images

Do you agree? Is hair "the biggest determining factor in a woman's overall look"?

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