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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Makes A Good Blogger?

In your opinion what makes a good blogger? Is it someone that looks like you, shares your interests, is a good writer, or is it someone that simply interacts with you? Maybe it is a combination of all of those characteristics. Whatever your requirements may be, many of us are willing to share when we find that particular blog that sparks our interest.

After pursuing numerous sites and blogs, most individuals agree that good blogs and bloggers have the following characteristics [1][2][3][4]:

Good blogs make you want to start your own blog
Have personality
Good "non-post" blogs have style and organization
Post often
Good blog posts are made of paragraphs
Have knowledge

Here's a good resource regarding content → How To Write Great Blog Content

As for me, I believe that good bloggers interact with their audience, are humble, polite, and knowledgeable about the topic that they are blogging about. I highly respect individuals that are not afraid to admit when they are not familiar with a certain subject. Making up answers is a sure-fire way to turn me off.

Speak out: Who is your favorite blogger? 
Please respond in this format:
Blog topic/content: (i.e. hair, fashion, spirituality, etc)

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  1. My favorite blogger! This is a really tough question. My answer:

    Blog: GlynnisWhitwer.com
    Blogger/Owner: Glynnis Whitwer
    Blog Topic/Content: Christian/Spirituality

    She doesn't post every day BUT her content is so rich and thought-provoking, I find myself looking forward to her blogs. This is a great blog article by you! Good job, Tia. Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Blog: www.manwifeanddog.com
    Blogger/Owner: Charlie Penn (Wife)
    Blog Topic: mostly marriage/relationship topics. I especially love her "Love Homework".

  3. I have so many including yours. But the newest one I like to read is...

    Blog: katheats.com
    Blogger: Kath Younger
    Content: Food

  4. Really tough question! But today..

    Blog: Black and Married with Kids
    Blogger/Owner: Lamar & Ronnie Tyler
    Blog topic/content: Marriage, Kids, Couples, Spirituality

  5. I agree with Mrs. G. This is a tough question.

    Blog: Glamazini
    Blogger/Owner Rashini
    Blog Top/content: Hair, Makeup, Fashion, Life

    She is random and funny. I love it.

  6. I have many but my favorite is...
    Blog: kisforkinky
    Blogger/Owner: Kurly Bella
    Blog topic/content: natural hair, fashion,beauty, life in general.

  7. Blog: www.kendieveryday.com
    Blogger: Kendi
    Blog Topic/content: Fashion

    Kendi's 30 by 30 remixable wardrobe is inspiring and a good way to make your money stretch which is perfect for a 21 day no-shopping fast. Also, her posts are generally short, witty, and well laid out, esp. in regards to her pictures and picture quality.

  8. Blog: Karla's Closet
    Blogger/Owner: Karla Deras
    Blog topic/content: Fashion

  9. Besides you.

    blog: Mt Hope Chronicles
    blogger/owner: Heidi
    blog top/content: all about homeschooling

    She takes great pictures, has great ideas for homeschooling her boys, and answers her emails...lol.

  10. Ooh, this is a tough one. I'm gonna go with

    Blog: Daily Writing Tips
    Blogger/Owner: (Various) Mark Nichol (editor)
    Blog topic/content: Writing/Grammar

    I enjoy this blog because it's regularly updated and the information is relevant to me. I also like that I'm constantly learning something, and Mark backs up his stuff with facts.

  11. Blog:The Sartorialist
    Blogger/Owner: Scott Schuman
    Blog topic/content: Fashion

    Impeccable photos won me over with this blog. I'm a very visual person. I love a blog with less words and more photos. I am impressed with how Scott captures fearless street fashion.

  12. Blog: Curly Nikki
    Blogger: Curly Nikki
    Blog Topic: Natural Hair
    I have so many fav bloggers that it is really hard to choose just one. One of my favorites is Curly Nikki because I have learned so much from her blog and forums. Although I had been natural for 11 years, I began straightening my hair when I moved to NC because I did not know of any salons that could style natural hair. Also, I was nervous about wearing styles that were professional enough to wear to work. Once I started reading her blog I learned about so many different hair styles to wear to work and how to better take care of my hair.


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