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Monday, July 29, 2013

Updo with twists and a bun

Continuing on my personal Updo challenge of getting back into updos.....

For this look I combined buns, two strand twists, and flat twists. The picture angle makes this look like a "beehive" but I promise it did not look like that in person. I am just horrible at taking pics.

The look took just over an hour to complete. To achieve:
  • Start with clean and conditioned hair
  • Separate the 3 sections, large section in the back for the bun and two smaller sections in the front
  • I found it easier to do the flat twists first (on a curve) and then two strand the rest of the hair
  • I do not like hair in my face but if you do not mind it, then your swoop can hang a little lower. The style actually looks nicer that way.
  • Instead of bunning, you can french braid the twists or let them hang
  • Make the style last longer by combining cornrows and and braids
This is actually a look that you can moisturize daily if necessary.  I was able to wear this for one week and it was easy to sleep on.

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